Meet & greatings

Meetings at Tana hotel

Workshops, seminars & teambuilding

Kurs og konferanse på Tana hotell

Why not have your next meeting at Tana hotel ?


Our meetingrooms are fully epquipped

We have 4 meetingrooms 

 Tana - 55 pax

Laksjok - 15 pax

Luftjok - 10 pax 

Masjok - 18 pax 


We can also help you put together a temabuilding activity and dinner along with your meeting 


For booking or offer

Phone: + 47 78 92 82 22 

E-mail: [email protected]


At Tana Hotel you get both meetings and greatings

Meetings and teambuilding

4 meetingrooms and teambuilding activities

Møter og opplevelser på Tana hotell & camping